12 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

By | March 16, 2015
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Today I have some great news to share.  I have summarised my key learnings on the journey to health in a new e-book which I am offering as a free download on my blog.  Essentially there are 12 steps that helped me heal my relationship with food, nature and myself.  I am so excited to offer them to you on your journey towards health.  These 12 steps are:

  1. Be grateful for your body and all that you have
  2. Practice self-love and self-care
  3. Eat only when hungry
  4. Cut down junk, processed and refined “foods”
  5. Choose plant-based foods over animal products
  6. Learn to cook healthy
  7. Sleep is the new sexy!
  8. Move it or lose it
  9. Connect with nature
  10. Go organic and natural
  11. Change your habits to change your lifestyle
  12. You become the company you keep

If you wish to learn more about these steps, please click on the picture below to be directed to the free downloads page.  Enjoy!


12 Steps E-book

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Nandini loves to help people achieve their health goals and makes it easy, tasty and fun! She helps bridge the gap between wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and actually doing it. She conducts retreats and workshops across India. Nandini has an MBA and is a certified counsellor and NLP master practitioner from London. Her favourite vacation spot is a forest to learn about life from Nature.

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