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About Nandini

Nandini loves to help people achieve their health goals and makes it easy, tasty and fun! She helps bridge the gap between wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and actually doing it. She conducts retreats and workshops across India. Nandini has an MBA and is a certified counsellor and NLP master practitioner from London. Her favourite vacation spot is a forest to learn about life from Nature.

Inculcate An Attitude Of Gratitude

“If the only prayer you ever said was Thank you, it would be enough.” Gratitude is considered one of the two most powerful and healing vibrations on the planet. The other is love! In his water crystal experiments, the Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, discovered that when water is exposed to thoughts of gratitude, it… Read More »

7 Quick Interventions To Calm Your Mind

All of us can get quite caught up in the day to day stressors of office and work. If there is not release, the built up pressure can have adverse effects on health. Imagine a bottle with the pressure from steam building up. If it finds no escape route, there is a danger of it… Read More »

3 Ideas To Add More Movement Into Your Day

There is a popular saying, “What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get done!” Most often we are not aware of how sedentary or active we are during a day.  Last Diwali, a client of mine sent me the Fitbit step counter in lieu of a payment from America. The device turned out to be a revealing coach in… Read More »

Body is Made for Motion and Mind for Stillness

“Body is made for motion and mind for stillness. We have reversed this completely.” My friend Bulbul wrote this comment along with a video which depicted how our body is made to move and gets aches and pains if it does not get the required and regular movement. It was however, her juxtaposition with mind that… Read More »

Cold Coffee (no milk or coffee!)

My sister is an avid cold coffee drinker and after I turned vegan, she came to visit and I offered her this plant-based coffee.  And guess what?  She was completely taken in.  She just drank her coffee and I asked her “How is it” and she said, “It’s nice, why are you asking?”  When I… Read More »