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What are healthy foods? Demystifying all the information about healthy foods and understanding the healing power of plants.

Solitude Farm & Organic Food to Delight the Senses

In February 2015, I spent some time in Auroville, a spiritual community where many community projects take place around different types of natural farming, forestation, making local communities sustainable with traditional knowledge and handicrafts, teaching languages and many others.  I had the delight of visiting an organic permaculture farm, Solitude which is open for lunch… Read More »

5 Vegan Friendly Eateries in Delhi-NCR

UPDATE – Since posting this blog, Nourish Organics has shut down and also the Whitecub ice-cream parlour in Gurgaon – although the ice-creams are available at many outlets including Lean Chef covered below. November is vegan month.  Yay!  It is always a challenge to eat out as a vegan and even harder on a whole… Read More »

Are Super Foods & Supplements Really Magical?

Hearing all the miraculous stories about healing with supplements, I was curious about their healing properties.  I did a fair bit of exploration on the Web, including listening to the advise of the best doctors in the field of preventive health care and watching lots of health movies, videos and read medical papers and books by… Read More »

Stop Counting Calories

Do you find calorie counting mind numbing and exhausting after a while?  I know I do! For a long time, I struggled with overweight, finding it extremely difficult to count calories and stick to a strict diet to lose weight.  It felt restrictive and uninteresting.  Weight loss seemed like an uphill task with no joy… Read More »

Hungry Kya?

Ever thought about why you eat?  Yes, WHY you eat. Pause and think for a few seconds before your continue…. We often eat for all kinds of reasons.  However, the only good reason to eat is HUNGER (physical, robust hunger). When was the last time you felt physically hungry?