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I will share my personal experiences related to help and sometimes, even otherwise, just for fun!

Solitude Farm & Organic Food to Delight the Senses

In February 2015, I spent some time in Auroville, a spiritual community where many community projects take place around different types of natural farming, forestation, making local communities sustainable with traditional knowledge and handicrafts, teaching languages and many others.  I had the delight of visiting an organic permaculture farm, Solitude which is open for lunch… Read More »

Of Literature and Clean Organic Food in Pink City

The last week of January was a veritable delight on many accounts for me.  A date with the literati from India and abroad in a 5 day festival that celebrates the written word in it’s many incarnations.  I had many moments of connection and highs in this ever popular festival attended by a quarter of a… Read More »

How I went from swimming 3 lengths to 100!

Yippee!  Yeah!  Leaps in the air!  Now that I have finished my victory dance, I can’t wait to share with you how I broke my own mental barriers last month.  For years, I have envied people who could swim length upon length in the pool without stopping.  I was usually gasping for breath within 3… Read More »

Reclaim Your Health In 3 Weeks

Imagine a luxurious resort where you can get away for 3 weeks and when you return home, your diseases have magically been released.  The  health retreat held every year by SHARAN in Swaswara is a REAL experience available to anyone who wants wants to reclaim their health through learning the healing powers of natural food and a… Read More »

Stop Excessive Hair Fall

Does excessive hair fall worry you?  Me too!  After years of dry hair issues, despite using the best hair care treatments and products, I was frustrated as I was having a lot of hair fall.  This despite a really good diet, natural shampoos, conditioners and serums and yet my hair quality was deteriorating.  I was recommended… Read More »