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Easy at home whole foods, plant-based recipes

Cold Coffee (no milk or coffee!)

My sister is an avid cold coffee drinker and after I turned vegan, she came to visit and I offered her this plant-based coffee.  And guess what?  She was completely taken in.  She just drank her coffee and I asked her “How is it” and she said, “It’s nice, why are you asking?”  When I… Read More »

Mrs. Singh’s Winning Cabbage Salad

At our weekly Gurgaon Organic Farmer’s Market, we had a healthy vegan potluck.  My old school friend, Mohita Singh came with her parents.  Mrs. Singh makes the most delicious food and I have had the pleasure of eating it for years.  When she learnt that I had become vegan, she put out the most amazing… Read More »

Hot Green Winter Noodle Soup

Did you know that green leafy vegetables are the MOST NUTRITIOUS foods on the planet??  Yes, they give you the highest amount of nutrition per calorie or as my friend would say, more bang for the buck!  They are rich in chlorophyll, fibre, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes and highly alkalising which is a really good… Read More »

My Favourite No Oil “Lauki Sabzi”

Disliked by many for its bland taste, this summer squash is ubiquitous during the hot months.  Also called bottle gourd, ghia and doodhi, it’s low in calories and highly beneficial for health.  Many Ayurvedic practitioners recommend the juice of bottle gourd for UTI’s, liver health, indigestion, jaundice etc.  It’s rich in thiamin, Vit C, zinc, iron and… Read More »

Homemade Yummy Tomato Sauce

Do you ever wonder what makes tomato sauce so tasty?  Do you find yourself stopping your children from having too much of it?  You know why they are so addicted? It’s all the sugar in it!  White refined sugar is one of the most addictive and inflammatory substances that plays havoc with blood chemistry. Along… Read More »

An Afternoon “Chatpata” Treat

Many Indians often get a craving for something spicy and “chatpata” in the afternoon and often reach out to fried “namkeens” or unhealthy savoury treats.  Here is an afternoon treat to remember!  It will meet your cravings and yet be good for your health!  It’s easy to make and ready in a jiffy! It’s my favourite… Read More »