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Tips, ideas and information about weight loss. Inspiring stories of others on the journey.

3 Ideas To Add More Movement Into Your Day

There is a popular saying, “What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get done!” Most often we are not aware of how sedentary or active we are during a day.  Last Diwali, a client of mine sent me the Fitbit step counter in lieu of a payment from America. The device turned out to be a revealing coach in… Read More »

How Inna Went From Fat to Fit!

Inna reveals her inspiring story of transforming her lifestyle and enviable weight-loss.  After her son was born 7 years ago, the excess weight piled on and she used to feel low energy levels and despondency.  Now she is very motivated to look after herself.  She runs marathons and leads a very active lifestyle!

Do You Love Your Body?

Do you judge and criticise your body for it’s shape or state of health?  It is sad that we are so disconnected from our bodies.  The irony is that if I was to ask you the same thing about your car, you might actually be more loving to your car than your body! Would you overuse your… Read More »

Stop Counting Calories

Do you find calorie counting mind numbing and exhausting after a while?  I know I do! For a long time, I struggled with overweight, finding it extremely difficult to count calories and stick to a strict diet to lose weight.  It felt restrictive and uninteresting.  Weight loss seemed like an uphill task with no joy… Read More »