How To Eat Healthy While Travelling

By | August 5, 2015
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Tips-to-EatHealthyWhile-TravelingThis is a challenge that many of my clients have posed to me. They do quite well on their healthy diet, till it’s tme to travel and with the airline and restaurant food, their best laid plans go astray. Has this ever happened to you?

Below are my tips for eating healthy when travelling.
1. Carry a healthy snack with you. I hate airline food. It’s stale and usually greasy or out of a packet so I soak some oats, add in some nuts or seeds and raisins or chopped dates for sweetening and carry it in a disposable lunch box. I also carry fruit and small packets of nuts and raisins for a quick snack.

2. Fruits are available everywhere. One good thing about fruits is that they are “Nature’s Fast Food”. As soon as you embark into a new city, if you look out, you will see fruit vendors. I usually pick some fruit and when I am not meeting business colleagues say for breakfast or dinner, I make a meal out of the fruits. This helps especially as the other meals can tend to be heavy.

3. Request the waiter or chef for something healthy. I have done it on numerous occasions. I have often requested the waiter to ask the chef to use less oil or saute vegetables in just soy sauce instead of oil. You can also ask to skip cheese on a pizza or sandwich or just a side of lightly sauted vegetables or a huge salad and an oil-free dressing. You can ask for daal with roasted “tadka” or steamed rice instead of fried. I have seldom been refused. After all you are paying for the meal, so go ahead and ask but do it politely and nicely!

If you found this useful, please visit and also look out for an event entitled Reinvent-Life on August 22nd at Westin Gurgaon where I would be speaking about health.

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Nandini loves to help people achieve their health goals and makes it easy, tasty and fun! She helps bridge the gap between wanting to live a healthy lifestyle and actually doing it. She conducts retreats and workshops across India. Nandini has an MBA and is a certified counsellor and NLP master practitioner from London. Her favourite vacation spot is a forest to learn about life from Nature.

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One thought on “How To Eat Healthy While Travelling

  1. Radhika Nagpal

    Nandini, this makes complete sense! I think putting on weight while traveling especially for work is one of the biggest occupational hazards so these are some really useful tips here.


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