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Frequently Asked Questions

Diets don’t work in the long term. By restricting calorie intake either by cutting carbs, fats or proteins, anyone can lose weight in a given period. However if you cannot envision eating like that for the rest of your life, it is not a sustainable strategy. We give you guidance to change your lifestyle permanently. You don’t have count calories but you will learn to eat the right food and the right quantity by listening to your own body.
Exercise is highly recommended for health and well-being and for feeling more energetic. However, in my experience, unless we combine it with healthy eating habits, exercise by itself cannot help you release weight or experience holistic well-being.
You will be given specific dietary guidance, which is anchored on a whole food, plant based approach. However, there are no pre-conditions or artificial foods that are advised. We recommend 100% natural foods and a diet chart can also be customised for you upon request. What is more important is that you understand the overall principles so that you can apply them to any situation whether at home, at office, a party, a restaurant or while travelling. We want you to live a normal life and imbibe the guiding principles of healthy eating so that you are free of the exhausting cycle of weight gain and weight loss for the rest of your life.

Vegan is a lifestyle and not just a diet.  We are not asking you to adopt the whole lifestyle unless you yourself are curious to live more compassionately towards animals.  It is important to know that vegan is not necessarily healthy as it does include refined foods like sugar, oil and white flour.  We are going a step BEYOND vegan towards “healthy vegan” and the right scientific term for this diet is WHOLE FOODS, PLANT-BASED.

While this dietary approach is highly recommended and gets the best and fastest results and something I personally follow now; it is not a requirement for releasing weight on this programme. I lost 16 of my 25 kilos while I was still a non-vegetarian by applying the simple tools and practices that I teach to reconnect with the body. However, in the past I had always put the weight back on after any such sustained effort. This time what has helped to keep it off, is a healthy vegan diet (low oil, no dairy and low on refined foods). On this programme, you will learn to listen to your own body and it will guide you to the most appropriate food choices for you.

You can either browse more on the Health Coaching tab on home page or you can book a free 15 minute telephone or Skype appointment with Nandini.  Please make a list of all your questions that you want Nandini to answer.


If you would like me to add any questions to the FAQ’s, please send me your suggestions.

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