Guilt-free Vegan Cookbook

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Mala Barua and Nandini Gulati are delighted to bring you delicious and healthy recipes. Now you can lose weight and improve your health while enjoying an abundance of different cuisines. Eating from the recipes presented in this book can help you lose weight, prevent hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes and with proper guidance from a plant-based doctor or health coach, even help you reverse these conditions in many cases.


Guilt-free Vegan Cookbook

This book is born from a philosophy of conscious eating – knowing how our food choices impact our bodies, the planet and other sentient beings.

We have presented 5 different cuisines – Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, Indian and American. Each cuisine has 2 full menus which you can make for a dinner party or pick and choose individual dishes. Each menu consists of a beverage, a soup, a starter, 2 salads, one main dish, 2 vegetable sides and a dessert.

All recipes are WHOLE and PLANT BASED which is a lifestyle recommended by many doctors to resolve a variety of health issues like diabetes, heart-disease, high blood pressure, overweight, high cholesterol and many other lifestyle diseases. Dr. Nandita Shah of SHARAN, has written the foreword to the book. She has been practicing nutrition based medicine for the past 10 years with incredible results with her patients. There are many other doctors, health coaches and nutritionists achieving amazing results of improved health after helping people adopt this way of eating. Try it and see for yourself!

 11 special features of this book!


1. Many people are developing allergies to gluten, so we bring you LOCAL MILLETS like ragi, amaranth, jowar or sorghum and bajra or pearl millet.


2. As people find it difficult to make raw, natural food part of their meals, we feature a lot of creatively presented RAW FOOD recipes.


 3. Since dairy products are neither ethical nor healthy to eat, we have presented several DAIRY ALTERNATIVES. When you make them you would not even believe these are plant-based like curds, shakes, dips and ice-creams.


 4. Lots of recipes for the special SWEET TOOTH! How to do it without sugar? All our desserts are sweetened with dried fruit like dates and raisins etc. We have halwa, kheer, ice-creams and much more!




5. We all love junk food but ever heard of HEALTHY JUNK FOOD that even your kids will love! There is pizza, key lime pie smoothie, all American banana split, burgers and country fries complete with coleslaw!


vegan-burger-fries  6. How to make your OLD CLASSICS like palak paneer, pakoras and gajar ka halwa without ghee, oil, dairy and sugar! We have that too!


 7. New ways of using EVERYDAY VEGETABLES that people think are boring! We present recipes using karela, bhindi (okra), beetroot, brinjals, pumpkin or eggplants (see cover pic) and much more!

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.05.52 am

 8. Have no TIME TO COOK? Try this 3 ingredient broccoli soup. There are many simple recipes with few ingredients and easy steps!


9. Do you get stressed when guests have to come over and either have no time or can’t decide HOW TO PLAN MENU? We have presented full menus have been put together for you, so all you have to do is pick one that you like!




 10. Making EXOTIC RECIPES simple and healthy! We have wheat-free lasagna, thai curries, lentil bread, gluten-free halwa and even sushi!




  11. BASIC RECIPES to replace milk, curd, butters, sugar replacers, cheese, mayonnaise, cream, home made ketchup etc. etc.




  Oh and I almost forgot! How can any cookbook ever be complete without some CHOCOLATE!


For any problems in ordering, write to us at

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19 thoughts on “Guilt-free Vegan Cookbook

  1. alka misra

    I enjoy all your posts.I have always found you sharing your knowledge generously. Thank you for everything.

  2. aryan kapoor

    All ur posts are quite interesting..following u past one month..Way to go!!

  3. ankur bhatia

    All the best Nandini and making a positive difference to the world with your knowledge and learning.

  4. Manoj Pande

    This is a wonderful task accomplished. Many thanks and good wishes for all you you for making it possible. A translation in Hindi will be very useful .With best wishes.

  5. Shyama

    I just took a sneak peek into your recipes. In your recipe for the three ingredient broccoli soup, you have mentioned 2 cups vegetable stock in the ingredients list, but you have not used it in the process. Is it a typo?

      1. Shyama

        Would you fix these errors? I would like to get a copy for myself, but for the price, it would be great if there are no typos, especially considering the fact that my family is not much into vegan food; but i would like them to cook it for them and get them to try some of this food. If the flavors are missing due to print erros, it would probably be a turn off 🙂

        1. NandiniNandini Post author

          Actually, this is already corrected. I have posted an image of an older version and am awaiting the final pdf from the publisher. I cross checked this morning and this error was corrected in the printed book. I will repost this picture next week with the updated one.

    1. NandiniNandini Post author

      As mentioned in a separate comment too, this is an older version which will be updated with the new one. This error was corrected before printing. 🙂 Thanks for your sharp eye thought. 🙂

  6. Rita

    I wish to read this book and learn about healthy living.
    I am a keen follower of healthy diet.
    Nandani is doing great job in making peple aware of vegan diet .

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