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Good Health is About Healthy Living

We explore the CAUSES of disease and overweight and aim to resolve the issues at the causal level.  This is the only way to sustainable health.  For example, let’s look at all the possible causes of disease in modern living.  In my holistic method and approach to regaining health and sustainable weight loss, we will explore all the antidotes to the following causes.


The 7 Causes of Modern Diseases

“It’s about self-awareness and intuition.”

People find it surprising when they hear how my method works as it is unconventional and unique.  Rather than follow the beaten track of calorie counting, portion control and restrictive eating, my method is to put you in touch your inner wisdom to guide you.

If you observe any animals or birds living in the wild, none of them need to refer to a nutrition book or count calories and yet they are never overweight.  Imagine an overweight pigeon or zebra!  It’s a hilarious thought.  Only when we keep them as pets or in zoos, they become diseased because of an unnatural diet.  e.g. A dog would never drink cow’s milk in the wild.

So how does the most intelligent species on the planet i.e. humans, become so out of touch with their inner wisdom that seems to guide all the other species so well to look after their bodies and their health.  If you have ever kept a pet, even a dog will eat grass to recover from feeling sick as it instinctively knows to do so.

Yet, an infant is born in touch with its intuition.  It eats only when it is hungry.  Ever tried to feed an infant who does not want to be fed?  Try as you might, the food will all land on her clothes or on the floor, not in the mouth.  Mothers know what I am talking about!  How come an infant never overfeeds itself but we do?

“There is more wisdom in your body than in the deepest philosophy.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

We will explore this and other questions in my method.  For example:

1. Are you really hungry when you eat?

2. Do you eat when you are sad, mad, glad?  In other words, emotional eating.

3. Do you gorge yourself at an all you can eat buffet?

4. Do you really taste your food or just gulp it all down?

5. Do you crave sugary or fried snacks?

When you expand your awareness and get in touch with your body, you will be surprised, how well your body can guide you to your natural weight.  All this without counting calories or exercising portion control!

I do encourage you to eat a WHOLE, PLANT-BASED diet.  However, I welcome all people no matter what your dietary pattern.  You can eat what you love and you will begin to fall in love with healthier foods and also yourself for taking better care of your own body.

I offer 15 minute free consultations on Skype or on the phone.  You can arrange this by writing to me.

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