My Journey

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“If you want to master something, teach it.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Are you tired of the whole yo-yo of dieting?  Lose 5 kilos, put 7 on and on and on…. with no end in sight?  So was I, until I found my path towards health.  This is my story.

I was very sporty and athletic as a young girl.  I started putting on excess weight in my mid 20’s when I started working and physical activity reduced.   In the 90’s, after living in the USA, I expanded to an all time high of 95 kilos!  Horrified at my gigantic proportions, lack of energy and belaboured movements, I joined a weight loss programme.


Nandini, Before & After

Over the course of a year, I managed to shed 15 kilos with calorie control and sheer force of will – quite unusual for me.  Eventually, I left the programme, and inevitably, slowly at first, the weight started creeping on, till I was back where I began!

This was demotivating, frustrating and depressing.  Have you ever felt that you are fighting a battle with your own body and feel completely helpless?  This is exactly how I felt.

By 2009, I weighed 90 kilos, and was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on daily medications.  Soon after, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and my health future looked pretty scary to say the least.

By the grace of the Universe, a series of events in late 2009, led me on a journey to recover my health.  I came across amazing teachers, processes, books and videos that helped me to re-connect with my body and get in touch with its natural inner wisdom.  This was a break-through for me and a turning point in my health journey!

Over the coming 2 years, I released 20 kilos of excess weight and with the help of my doctor, stopped all 3 of my daily BP medications. From being completely disconnected with my body, I managed to re-connect at a deeper level.  Now, I love to share and help others on a similar path to re-connect with their bodies and their own higher wisdom.  To learn about my health coaching programmes, please click here.

I try to stay as regular as possible with my daily walks, meditation and yoga or dancing, a few times a week.  This routine and my plant-based diet have helped me a lot to stay active despite living with a chronic disease.

In my free time, I love to travel to places where I can connect with nature.  I love forests and wildlife, especially the big cats.  I like to take photographs of animals, birds, flowers, landscapes, people and of course the food that catches my fancy!

Presently, I am working on my first book, a WHOLE, PLANT-BASED cookbook with 108 recipes from 5 different cuisines.  It is exciting work and my co-author Mala and I can hardly wait for the launch of the book which is scheduled for 2015.  I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

My Inspiration

This blog is dedicated to the memory of my father, Lt. Col. V.C. Gulati


My Father, Lt. Col. V.C. Gulati

My father had an untimely death just before his 64th birthday due to complications related to diabetes. A few years after his passing, I went through my own health challenges and was inspired to help others suffering from lifestyle related issues. I consider him my biggest inspiration. This blog is dedicated to his memory.

Even if one person reverses their diabetes and lives longer as a result of my endeavour, I would consider my work to have been successful. It is however my highest intention that uncountable diabetics reverse their diabetes and live longer and healthier lives. Not only that but it is my prayer that people suffering from other lifestyle diseases are benefitted as a result of my work and writings in this blog. May it be so!

Please send your blessings and prayers for this message of preventative health care to reach countless others. Please share this blog freely with anyone that you feel will be benefitted. May you be healthy and happy!

“Man is the only animal who makes his food progressively less nutritious before eating it!” ~ Dr. Nandita Shah

Dr. Nandita Shah is India’s pioneering whole plant based doctor working in this field for a decade. She has been a huge inspiration for my work. She founded a non-profit, SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health and Re-Connection to Animals and Nature) in order to make people aware of the benefits of a healthy vegan or whole plant-based diet.

When she invited me to conduct the “21 Day Health Retreat” in Swaswara with her, I was delighted! I am also a main facilitator for SHARAN’s trainers training for doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, dietitians, and cooking instructors.

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