My Favourite No Oil “Lauki Sabzi”

Disliked by many for its bland taste, this summer squash is ubiquitous during the hot months.  Also called bottle gourd, ghia and doodhi, it’s low in calories and highly beneficial for health.  Many Ayurvedic practitioners recommend the juice of bottle gourd for UTI’s, liver health, indigestion, jaundice etc.  It’s rich in thiamin, Vit C, zinc, iron and… Read More »

5 Ways To Heal Your Relationship With Food

In my 20 years as a very overweight person I had a very unhealthy relationship with food.  I ate mindlessly without paying any attention.  However, I thought about food all the time, especially when I was on a “diet” or trying to restrict my calories.  The ice-creams, cakes and chocolates would whisper seductively from the… Read More »

Homemade Yummy Tomato Sauce

Do you ever wonder what makes tomato sauce so tasty?  Do you find yourself stopping your children from having too much of it?  You know why they are so addicted? It’s all the sugar in it!  White refined sugar is one of the most addictive and inflammatory substances that plays havoc with blood chemistry. Along… Read More »

Reclaim Your Health In 3 Weeks

Imagine a luxurious resort where you can get away for 3 weeks and when you return home, your diseases have magically been released.  The  health retreat held every year by SHARAN in Swaswara is a REAL experience available to anyone who wants wants to reclaim their health through learning the healing powers of natural food and a… Read More »

Make Your Own Natural Hair Conditioner

There is a natural beauty secret that every village girl from the South of India knows.  I was looking for an alternative to chemical hair conditioner as my hair is thinning and I experience a lot of breakage while using conventional conditioners. I learnt that a lot of the chemicals used in commercial hair care products are toxic… Read More »

How Inna Went From Fat to Fit!

Inna reveals her inspiring story of transforming her lifestyle and enviable weight-loss.  After her son was born 7 years ago, the excess weight piled on and she used to feel low energy levels and despondency.  Now she is very motivated to look after herself.  She runs marathons and leads a very active lifestyle!

An Afternoon “Chatpata” Treat

Many Indians often get a craving for something spicy and “chatpata” in the afternoon and often reach out to fried “namkeens” or unhealthy savoury treats.  Here is an afternoon treat to remember!  It will meet your cravings and yet be good for your health!  It’s easy to make and ready in a jiffy! It’s my favourite… Read More »

Stop Excessive Hair Fall

Does excessive hair fall worry you?  Me too!  After years of dry hair issues, despite using the best hair care treatments and products, I was frustrated as I was having a lot of hair fall.  This despite a really good diet, natural shampoos, conditioners and serums and yet my hair quality was deteriorating.  I was recommended… Read More »

Do You Love Your Body?

Do you judge and criticise your body for it’s shape or state of health?  It is sad that we are so disconnected from our bodies.  The irony is that if I was to ask you the same thing about your car, you might actually be more loving to your car than your body! Would you overuse your… Read More »