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Naveen Jain, 52, Hotelier

naveen jain

This programme has changed my attitude and relationship with my body.  It has changed my lifestyle completely. I have become much more energetic and confident. My body has come to proper shape which I desired for a long time.

I have realised that my body is a temple and cannot be treated like a dustbin.

I now take care of my body and have started respecting every part of my body with gratitude.

I have clearly understood benefits of change in my eating habits (mindful eating with hunger scale in mind) and physical exercises and implemented at least 90% of whatever we discussed during our sessions with Nandini.

I released 9 kgs of weight in 6 months and feeling much lighter overall.  Even 3 years later, I have maintained this weight loss.  I am much more confident in whatever I do and feel very good.

This is a very powerful programme which makes you realise the difference between painfully losing weight by dieting which can be short-lived and releasing weight joyfully which can be part of daily routine by being conscious and practicing body awareness.

Inna Jolly, 46, HR Consultant


Inna Jolly

After attending a cooking class with Nandini who is my childhood friend, I felt convinced by the logic of whole plant based diet recommendations.

I began following the healthy vegan lifestyle as best that I possibly could.  I was able to modify my routine eating habits.  I was not starving myself, and neither did I feel deprived of any particular food.

Since May 2012 till July 2014 I have released 17 kgs of weight. I have since run two half marathons (first time in my life) at the age of 46.

Through the highs and lows, I have felt supported. All doubts were patiently dealt with by Nandini.

I feel supreme wellness and humbled by the beautiful physical form that the divine has gifted me with.

I would do everything to keep it (my body) in top form that this change in my diet and lifestyle has facilitated for me.

On the spiritual plane, a lot of cleansing and better alignment on the astral plane. I am more intuitive and the ‘connect’ is much better. I am more than pleased that I met up with who I really can be.  I am grateful to  Nandini for being my health coach and guiding me in this journey of self-discovery. Much love to her.

Dinakshi Arora, 35, IT Professional

dinakshi afterSince attending Nandini’s programme, I have released 15 kilos in 7 months and feel very light and well.

The changes I have observed in myself are:

            • I am eating only when I am hungry. I am eating only the quantity of food required.
            • I am taking early dinners, something lighter than a full meal, more often than not.
            • Now there is a lot less chemical intake, I was having a lot of chemicals in my food unknowingly.
            • Consumption of snacks and junk food is gone way down.I am eating fruits and dry fruits now, something I never did much of earlier.
            • There is a marked increase of raw food consumption in my diet.
            • I have learnt new and better ways of cooking.

Now, I treat my body like a precious friend and can’t think of harming it in any way.

I think, this is the best thing ever that you can do to yourself.  My only advise is to be “open” to the ideas and concepts as they tend to be a bit different from the conventional ones. But THEY WORK, much better and faster.


If you have any questions or clarifications about how this could work for you, you can write to me at requesting a free 15 minute phone session.  Be sure to write down ALL your questions before the appointment.

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